Friday, January 13, 2012


Omar Ibn AlFarid :
**Was that Layla's fire that shone through the veils of night on Zu-Salam,
or a lightning bolt that lit the vales of Alam and Az-Zarwa?
Is there not a sigh of dawn, O spiriting winds of the harsh Na'man?
Is there but a sip of you for me, O waters of parched Wajra?
O driver of laden camels rolling up the wayless sands
like a scroll of mighty writ beside the Sagebrush of Idam,
Turn aside at the guarded safeground -God be your shepherd!- and seek the way
To yonder Lotus thicket, to the myrtle and laurel bay.
Then halt at Mount Sal and ask at the curling vale of Raqmateyn:
Have the tamarisks grown and touched at last in the livening weep of the rain?
If you've crossed the river of Arqadi in the morn-light, I implore you
By God, be unabashed and offer them my heartfelt "Salam"
Say too: in your domains I have left behind a heartfelled man
Alive as a deadman wandering, lending every plague the plague.
From my heart like a burning bush there spreads a flame of more than fire.
From my eyes the pouring tears are like a ceaseless season of rain.
For such is the lovers' law: when bound in love with a gazelle
Not one limb of the mortal's body can ever be freed of pain.
You ignoramus! You who defame and shame me for my love!
Desist and learn. You would not blame me, had you known love as well.
My oath by the sacred union, by the ancient love and by
That covenant's communion and all the things of times gone by:
No consolation, no replacement turned me away from loving
For the whims of change and solace have no part in what I am.
Return the slumber to my eyes, and then perhaps I will see you
Visit my bed as a revenant shade in the recklessness of dream.
Alas for our days at Kheyf! Had they but lasted each tenfold!
Alas for me, alas at how the last day can never last.
If only my woe could be of aid, if only the "oh" of my sorrow
And sheer regret could help recover anything of the past.
Gazelles of the winding dell! Be kind and turn away from me
For I have pledged my gaze to look on no one but my love
In deference to a Judge who has decreed an awful fatwa
To shed my blood in sacred months as well as the profane.
He is too deaf to heed my complaints, too mute to grant reply.
And he, when looking upon the plight of lovers, is smitten blind.

**Setiap anggota tubuhku melihatnya
meski ia ta hadir di sisiku
dalam setiap zat yang halus-lembut
jernih dan bahagia
Dalam nada kecapi dan seruling yang merdu
berbaur-menyatu dalam alunan yang bergetar
Dan dalam padang-rumput-rusa yang hijau subur
dalam kesejukan senja dan dalam sinar-sinar cahaya pertama
di fajar menyingsing
Dan dalam hujan berkabut yang turun
dari awan di hamparan bunga
Dan ketika angin sepoi-sepoi menyeret jubah lusuhnya
menyebar kehadiratku semerbak wangi harum mawar
di fajar yang lembut
Dan bila kukecup bibir piala
Kuhirup anggur jernih dalam riang dan bahagia